About Us

About Us

About Us

Green Family Ips was founded in 2006 by our founder, who had gained unique pre-press processes, printing, packaging technologies, and materials experience in leading packaging production companies in Turkey such as ABA, Ofset Flexo, and Bak Ambalaj.

With 26 years of professional experience, our founder bravely implemented improvements in product supply chain management for multinational companies, other packaging manufacturers, and suppliers, enhancing packaging quality and maintaining competitiveness in consumer prices through innovative design formulas. Despite all these innovations, we have been involved in significant projects that demonstrate cost reductions.

By expanding our consultancy and intermediary activities to provide added value to our customers based on the knowledge and experience gained from 26 years of professional work, we have become an internationally APPROVED company.


Our Distinction

Green Family Ips has pioneered solution-oriented approaches and corporate structure in the field of packaging outsource services in Turkey, taking many examples from around the world.


Our Quality Policy

By maintaining direct contact with packaging raw material suppliers and staying informed about all innovations, we aim to produce competitive products in terms of quality, price, and efficiency based on sector-specific customer needs. We guide companies that produce similar products with innovative packaging materials and prioritize customer satisfaction through continuous training. We aim to become a service organization that evolves internally.


Our Goal

Our goal is to establish activity principles that increase profitability for our business partners.


Custom Production for Products

Our professional team analyzes the content of the product, conducts trials with packaging materials, analyzes user comfort through pilot regions and individuals, and creates a new identity and image for the product. Being the first in our market is crucial. Changing consumer preferences rapidly replace existing packaging habits with new generation packaging. There is a valid reason for making the right arrangements in packaging without changing the product content, as it positively affects the product's market share. We play a guiding and implementing role in designing custom packaging for products.