Overlap Label

Overlap Label
Overlap Label

Overlap labels are a type of labels with an adhesive side that is usually black and used to cover and conceal the surface it adheres to. The black adhesive side makes the underlying surface invisible, allowing for corrections or changes to be made to faulty prints.


  • Produced using thermal transfer printing.
  • Their top surfaces are typically made of coated material and are smooth.
  • They are moderately resistant to temperature, moisture, and water.
  • Their adhesive surfaces are black-painted and have a strong adhesive, preventing the visibility of the underlying text or label.

Uses and Varieties:

  • Widely used in the retail sector, especially preferred during price revisions to cover the underlying label.
  • Used for various needs in different sectors such as pharmacy labels, product price labels, and supermarket price labels.
  • They are also referred to by different names in the market, such as black adhesive labels, price-covering labels, and invisible-under labels.

Overlap labels provide an effective solution for covering and altering unwanted details. They do not reveal the previous label or text on the surface they are adhered to, thus can be utilized for correcting erroneous prints.