Roll Label

Roll Label
Roll Label

Roll labels are labels used on the packaging or surface of a product. These labels are typically made of paper or plastic material and are produced in cylindrical or conical rolls that adhere to each other. Roll labels enable the identification, pricing, tracking, or branding of products with printed information, barcodes, or graphics.

Areas of Use:

  • Retail sector (product pricing and identification labels)
  • Food and beverage industry (product information, expiration dates, nutritional values)
  • Cosmetic and personal care sector (product information, usage instructions, ingredients)
  • Pharmaceutical industry (product name, dosage information, safety warnings)
  • Logistics and transportation (cargo tracking labels)


Roll labels are a type of label manufactured in various forms depending on their intended use and industry. Commonly used roll label varieties vary in terms of their material structure.

  • Paper-based roll labels include coated paper, eco-thermal, and thermal roll labels. Thermal roll labels feature a special coating applied for thermal printing, creating print through heat interaction. They can also be printed using thermal transfer printing method. Thermal labels are particularly widespread in labeling products in the retail sector.
  • Plastic-based roll labels include silver matte, PP opaque, PP matte, fabric roll labels, among others.

Printed roll label types are extensively chosen for product packaging. These labels contain the brand logo, name, and essential product details, making them popular in the cleaning and hygiene sector. Roll labels come in various dimensions, making them suitable for use in diverse industries ranging from retail to food and apparel sectors.