PP Opaque Labels

PP Opaque Labels
PP Opaque Labels

PP Opaque Labels are tear-resistant PVC-based labels, commonly used in the chemical and cosmetic sectors. Their top surface is glossy and flat, made of PVC material, which makes them resistant to water and tearing. They can be printed on using resin ribbon, and they can easily adhere to various surfaces with various adhesive types such as hotmelt, acrylic, deep freeze, and nonperm. PP opaque labels prevent products from getting damaged and enhance customers' perception of quality.


  • PP Opaque labels are tear-resistant and resistant to water.
  • They come with various adhesive types like hotmelt, acrylic, deep freeze, and nonperm, allowing them to adhere easily to different surfaces.
  • Printing can be done on them using resin ribbon, resulting in high-quality and durable labels.
  • They do not stretch or tear unless subjected to significant force.
  • Their plastic-based structure provides protection against water, moisture, heat, and external environmental conditions.


  • They are commonly used in the packaging of cosmetic products.
  • Ideal for labeling chemical product packaging.
  • Used for model and information labeling on white goods and small household appliances.
  • Utilized for price labeling and covering old prices during discounts.
  • In the industrial sector, they can be used as floor labels and shelf labels for directional and occupational health and safety purposes.
  • These features and applications demonstrate that PP Opaque labels offer a notable labeling solution with their durability, various adhesive options, and wide range of uses.