Recyclable Packaging

Recyclable Packaging
Recyclable Packaging

In response to the demands from our customers, under our extensive product range, we can produce environmentally friendly recyclable packaging that can meet all needs!

Recyclable packaging can be produced both as rolls and bags. To ensure the freshness of the packaged products, recyclable packaging can also be produced with an oxygen barrier.

⦁ Barrier PE/PE Recyclable ⦁ Non-barrier PE/PE Recyclable

Mono PE Rolls and Ready Bags

Polyethylene (PE) is an easily obtainable, easily recyclable, and cost-effective material. However, PE has a low melting point and easily stretches, making it a challenging material for shaping into a mono-material solution and printing on it. We have worked for over two years to achieve our goal of being a leading mono PE stand-up pouch manufacturer. We have developed our own PE film that is more durable than regular PE, and we have invested in technologies that enable stable production with this delicate material. This solution is also available with a high barrier option. Today, we produce millions of bags every month, and the materials we use are certified as "recyclable" by approved organizations in Europe.

Mono PP Rolls and Ready Bags

Polypropylene has been on the market since 1954 and is the second most widely produced commercial plastic after polyethylene. We can convert it into mono-material bags and films when needed. Working with this material is easier compared to polyethylene, and it is recyclable in Europe.

Mono PET Rolls and Ready Bags

Mono-PET can be shaped into bags and films, and it can be chemically recycled most effectively. This method is actively implemented in the US and the EU.