Packaging production process consists of a series of steps from the design stage to the product's placement on the shelves. It typically goes through the following stages:

  1. Design Stage:

    • Determination of Customer Needs: Meetings are held to understand the customer's wants and needs, and requirements are identified.

    • Development of Design Ideas: The design team develops design ideas considering factors such as customer needs, market research, and brand identity.

    • Visualization and Prototyping: Designs, whether computer-generated or hand-drawn, are transformed into prototypes. This stage may involve creating 3D models or sample prototypes.

  2. Pre-Production Preparation:

    • Material Selection: Appropriate materials are chosen based on the type of packaging, such as cardboard, plastic, glass, or metal.

    • Printing and Labeling: Visual elements, text, and logos to be printed on the packaging are determined, and suitable techniques for printing and labeling are selected.

  3. Production:

    • Cutting and Shaping: Materials are cut, shaped, and molded to achieve the desired form of the packaging.

    • Printing and Coating: Designs, texts, and other details are printed on the packaging, and protective coatings are applied as needed.

    • Assembly and Packaging: Packaging components are assembled, products are packaged, and necessary additions (e.g., product information, usage instructions) are made.

  4. Quality Control:

    • Produced packaging is checked for compliance with quality standards. Factors such as print quality, material durability, and shape accuracy are verified.
  5. Distribution and Storage:

    • Produced packaging is prepared for distribution and stored. Logistic processes, including shipping and distribution of the packaging, are planned.
  6. Placement on Shelves:

    • Packaging is combined with products and made available for sale in retail stores or online platforms.

Each stage is managed in accordance with customer needs and quality standards, and every step in the process is meticulously followed to ensure the successful packaging of products and their delivery to consumers.