Compostable Packages

Compostable Packages


Compostable Packages

In line with the requests of our customers, we can manufacture naturally compostable packages that can meet all needs within our wide range of products.

Product Description

These products have the ability to transform into minerals that self-feed the soil after a certain period at a certain humidity and temperature.

As SESA, we can manufacture compostable packages in cellulose- and PLA-based multi-layer structures with metallized and paper alternatives. These products can be produced both in roll stock form and optionally in pouch form.

Green Solution BIO PE in Packaging

How about using Biopolyethylene (also known as renewable polyethylene), derived from sugarcane, instead of petroleum-based PE film in packaging? One of the most significant features of this product is that its raw material isn't petroleum. Sugarcane, a renewable resource, consumes atmospheric CO2 compared to petroleum, which releases CO2 into the atmosphere. 1 ton of Green Polyethylene absorbs 2.15* tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. By using at least Q BIO PE, you can add the 'I'm Green'™ logo to your products.