Recyclable Packages

Recyclable Packages


Recyclable Packages

In line with the requests of our customers, with our wide range of products, we can manufacture naturally recyclable packages that can meet all needs!

Product Description

Recyclable packages can be manufactured as both roll stocks and pouches. Recyclable packages can also be manufacture with oxygen barriers to keep the packaged products fresh.

⦁ High Barrier PE / PE Recyclable Packages
⦁ Barrier-free PE / PE Recyclable Packages

Mono PE Reels and Premade Pouches

Polyethylene (PE) is an important cost-effective material that can be easily obtained and recycled. However, PE has a low melting point and stretches easily. This makes it a difficult material to shape and print on as a mono material solution. We worked for more than two years to achieve our goal of becoming a leading mono PE stand-up pouch manufacturer. We developed our own PE film, which is more durable than a normal PE, and invested in technologies that enable stable production with this flexible material. This solution is also available with a high barrier option. Today, we manufacture millions of pouches every month, and the materials we use have a “recyclable” certificate issued by authorized institutions in Europe.

Mono PP Reels and Premade Pouches

Polypropylene has been on the market since 1954. It is the second most manufactured commercial plastic after polyethylene. If necessary, we can convert it into mono material pouches and film. It is easier to work with this material than polyethylene. This material is recyclable in Europe.

Mono PET Reels and Premade Pouches

Mono-PET can be formed into pouches and films. This material is best recycled chemically. It is a method actively applied in the USA and EU.